Interested in a culinary journey »seasoned« with a pinch of nostalgia?

Saturday, 21. September 2019, from 3 PM in the heart of town Laško! 

Join us at the event that will awaken nostalgia and satisfy your taste buds.

We are inviting you to Laško Guštfest – the event that combines gastronomy and nostalgia.
Nostalgia after good old days …   

»That is exactly what we used in our home… This is how we used to play… Oh god, do you remember how this looked in our place?  This reminds me of a story when we…« Such and similar sentences will be heard at Laško Guštfest, where we will relive old memories and awake the nostalgia. Bringing back old memories trough experience of space, depictions of everyday life, childhood as it once was, old music and dance … All that and much more is waiting for our visitors on this year’s Laško Guštfest, which will take place on several locations in the heart of town Laško!

kulinarika in golding - laško guštfest

Enjoy in culinary delights the Laško way … 

Let’s bring out memories with the help of great gastronomy! Laško’ excellent Chef Marko Pavčnik from Pavus Restaurant, with the flattering JRE title, has invited 4 established Slovenian chefs to join Laško’s street food festival, where they will cook with a special ingredient – famous Laško beer.

What does Guštfest mean?  

»Gušt« is a slovenian word for a delight, having a pleasure and “guštati” means enjoying. Enjoying in good food, great company ….   With connecting great gastronomy and evokening beautiful memoirs we will bring delight. So be sure to join us! 

Enter the Time Machine!

All visitors are invited to enter a time capsule. Enter the time machine with us and travel into the time after WW II. Choose the era that suits you most, enjoy in the interlacement of clothes, music and lifestyle as it once was and experience different historical periods.


This will be the day of nostalgic walk through pleasant moments of our life. Guštfest will bring pleasure to the visitors. The pleasure of experiencing new culinary and nostalgic experiences.

  Welcome at Laško Guštfest 2019!